Monday, April 16, 2012

Chasing Maybe....

What is the deal with women? Hahahahaha, Ok sorry guys! I know we all have asked that....and the gals have also. Women actually will say "Yeah, We are all crazy" ......I mean, Why is that ok? ......I have always said....(Well not always ....but I said it a lot since I realized it) ...that if I say to a woman that all women are crazy and she agrees... then I should walk away. .........Well, I would be walking away from almost every woman..  Oh!..and I don't mean for this to sound like a bitchfest on women. I am sure guys are crazy......but I find myself not getting into intimate relationships with guys to know. I do in fact love Vag. .....Also, at this point I would like to add that ....NO!!  no woman has recently broke my heart ....No woman has recently wronged me. This is coming from a bunch of conversations and experiences throughout my whole life...And if you do think that this blog is about you.....your ARE so vain!...... The point is,  I talk to women, they say whats on their mind, I gotta hear dating stories and whatnot...........I got a topic to write about.

So, lets start with expectation.


How do we ever know what to expect until we actually experience the future? I tend to agree with the logic of letting the winds take you where they may, and accepting, Not expecting what may be coming. I think a lot of women....(ok lets just assume that when I say women I actually mean people)..have this mold of what could be in their heads...And when they cant find the shape to fit the mold they become distraught. Well, That mold is very unique. Its incredibly hard to fit THAT mold. I say throw away the mold. Don't expect anything.  You will never find it. Instead, try to subscribe to the idea of letting go. Let go of all of what you think you know and just let it be. accept the things that are good and fun into your life. I talked to a girl recently and she was explaining to me how she was dating this guy...blah blah blah....and towards the end of the conversation she said..." I am a looking for a relationship, I am not looking for fun" ...I asked her to just listen to what she just said...she said she did....But she missed the point....Go figure. I mean, life is too short to be SO selective. I mean standards are one thing ....(I hope I get to the point)..anyways , I am also not saying to settle for less!! I am just saying.....let go. Let go of any hurtful memories or any insecure thoughts...Let love in...I think this gets to my next point. Not that I think I made my last point....But I came close.....My next point is that maybe IF one learns to let go they wont be so intrigued with.......

The Chase!

OK, so it seems like a women isn't happy with a man unless there is some sort of chase involved. I am guessing because there is some very insecure feeling...and that when a guy chases them they feel like ...They matter!.... ain't that a shame?, I blame society, their parents, and the mean'ness of the evil teenage kids for this.. when they were in their 20's ........but, in the 30's and beyond!?!....We need to start looking WITHIN for a scapegoat... finding those causes and accepting them and letting go of them. ...Again, let it go. have these situations where one person seems to like the other person more than the other person likes them...  Why?  let's face it. If a guy/girl chases you and you don't like will cut if off and never talk to them again.....BUT if someone chases you and you let it linger and linger and linger..... maybe you kinda maybe might see something cool in that person.....but, what mold is it that you are trying to fill? Why do you have to let it linger? (I hate that that is a Cranberries song)  We need to look within..understand that nothing lasts forever, learn to accept change and love the uncertainty in life...and maybe if one can learn to do that ...then the things we love to chase us will be the things we love to love.

But, I dont know.....Maybe we all are just chasing Maybe........

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