Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The reason people lie could be driven by compassion but also selfishness. Say for instance I am married. I go out with some friends one night meet another woman and sleep with her. OK, Now when my wife asks me what I did the previous night I tell her some other random story other than the truth. I just lied. I did this I believe for a few reasons. I don't want her to feel hurt or upset, I dont want a divorce and I must really be into my wife since she is my wife. Maybe I was at a weak point...I don't know because I would never be in this situation. I probably will never be married because I am too honest. In the dating stage I would probably make some comment about some other girl that would make her fragile ego crumble and crawl away. But I believe these thoughts are just that. I happen to put them into words that may seem harsh, however its the truth and I feel its the only way to remain honest with myself and others constantly. I believe its when these things are bottled up is when they turn into actions. Isn't the real goal understanding? not ego boosting. To understand one another is ultimately what we all want. We want to be understood and we hopefully are curious to understand the people and events around us. Maybe that's it, Its the lack of wanting to understand. I lied to my wife because first of all I was too cowardly to talk to her about my feelings, And I was afraid of her reaction because I know that she wouldn't understand. However, All could have been avoided if both parties knew that the other would accept anything they had to say. Good or bad. Also to be able to sit down and try and understand and to express yourself deeply with one another. I know from personal experience its difficult to open yourself and become vulnerable. There are lot of insecurities and thoughts of what people will think of you. But, once that is overcome life is so super cool afterwards.

So, it seems people tell lies because they are to cowardly to open themselves and because they don't want to hurt the person they are telling the lie to. It just seems like the lies hurt worse than the truth. So in sparing someones feelings with a lie it would hurt far less to tell the truth.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jury Duty.......In July.

Over the past few weeks its become increasingly clear that people as a collective are complete morons. I am gonna just come right out and say it. I dont care about Casey Anthony and her kid. YES! it is a complete tragedy and ANY time a life is taken its a sad event.


I see how the media gives their point of view and everybody had her in the electric chair before the Jury was selected. Should we over haul the justice system to where police officers just shoot someone instead of arresting and putting them to trial? Should we have angry mobs stone people to death? If these sound like logical solutions, than humanity has not progressed at all in the last 10,000 years. 

The passion people feel for this case is tremendous! While our government, big business and world banks are all driving us lower and lower under their thumb the media is choosing one case to distract you from the things you should actually be concerned with. Teachers, policemen and firemen are all under attack while the people attacking and propagating are making more and more money year after year exponentially.  Blood thirsty Christians all vengefully hoping for the death of a life. This all is one huge hypocritical redundant cycle that could end with just a bit of reason and compassion. 

It's easy to watch the show on TV. The tragedy thrills the audience. We survive off of the vicarious horror. ( I am just gonna go ahead cite the song "Vicarious" by Tool now) 

The fact is, We were not in that courtroom, most of us only got the media's perspective on the case. the jurors were not watching the media. All they had was the case and the evidence to go on. they obviously ALL agreed without any media spin. So, until you can say that you did not watch any news reporting and the ONLY information you had was what was brought up in court. Shut Up! Seriously, Shut your mouth about things you don't understand. And if you do see the expanded view of this entire situation you then can take this logic and apply it to other areas....Maybe everything else the media tells us is just to influence our opinion to better serve some kind of rating money making divisive propaganda machine. ALL media! CNN, NBC,FOX, etc...

It's sad to say that this type of thing about the little Anthony kid happens ALL day EVERYDAY. Where is the love and the compassion and sorrow and candle vigils for all these other children? Because if this Anthony case wasn't forced down your throats day after day, you wouldn't care. So, Everybody, please get off your extremely high horse and place your passion and energy into something that actually matters in and around your own life. You will make more of a difference and impression if you do. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Modes of control

God, Politics and love.

These are all non-tangible things that are used as devices to keep us "in line". Who's line? Obviously not YOURS! You just stand in it waiting for your salvation. The above named things are born of greed and deceit. These things are used to make you subservient to manipulators. To keep you meek while the greedy take what they want from you. These things don't have emotions, They don't care. Does a wrench or a screwdriver have thoughts? You are made to think these things have some significance in your life. This significance is an illusion that keeps you driven to the ground. Turn the other cheek and don't fight back. Do not use your voice to speak your mind. Do you choose the church or the mosque, the red or the blue, the man or the woman? Its a game you play while the gears of deception are spinning to take every  bit of strength from your body. Your a slave with no real thoughts of your own while you acquire vertigo from these false doctrines. Wake up from this brainwashing. Formulate ideas and act them out on your own. Trust only in yourself. 

Obviously compassion for others rules all, However I feel as though the 3 items I named only devalue compassion. Only through these things people segregate themselves and fight one another. I say throw these things to the wayside and come together. Maybe without worrying about where we fit in these things we can find our true self. We can be able to see who we truly are without fitting into this mold.We can then express ourselves and be heard. And maybe then will we know that those non-tangible things are in fact tangible through ourselves.