Monday, July 4, 2011

Modes of control

God, Politics and love.

These are all non-tangible things that are used as devices to keep us "in line". Who's line? Obviously not YOURS! You just stand in it waiting for your salvation. The above named things are born of greed and deceit. These things are used to make you subservient to manipulators. To keep you meek while the greedy take what they want from you. These things don't have emotions, They don't care. Does a wrench or a screwdriver have thoughts? You are made to think these things have some significance in your life. This significance is an illusion that keeps you driven to the ground. Turn the other cheek and don't fight back. Do not use your voice to speak your mind. Do you choose the church or the mosque, the red or the blue, the man or the woman? Its a game you play while the gears of deception are spinning to take every  bit of strength from your body. Your a slave with no real thoughts of your own while you acquire vertigo from these false doctrines. Wake up from this brainwashing. Formulate ideas and act them out on your own. Trust only in yourself. 

Obviously compassion for others rules all, However I feel as though the 3 items I named only devalue compassion. Only through these things people segregate themselves and fight one another. I say throw these things to the wayside and come together. Maybe without worrying about where we fit in these things we can find our true self. We can be able to see who we truly are without fitting into this mold.We can then express ourselves and be heard. And maybe then will we know that those non-tangible things are in fact tangible through ourselves. 

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