Monday, June 27, 2011

Certain States of mind

Not entirely sure why people marry. Doesn't really seem like anyone REALLY likes such a thing. Most people just whine and complain about it. It is very interesting to see that most of the forward and aggressive women sexually are married women. Are humans not meant to be monogamous?  I think not. I have felt this way for pretty much my whole life. The past few years I explored a different path. A path that now is proven to be non existent (at least for now). The path of the committed loving soul-mate. That way of thought drives women away. I attract more women when I act like my true self. My true self is one of constant change. I cannot commit because I cannot foresee the future. I don't know what lies ahead. I do know that I am very good at sacrifice. I know my word and my promise is very solid. If any one of those girls that I above mentioned...(the ones I was talking to when I chose to walk the different path) ....if they had accepted me for my promise. That promise would have stayed true. My experiment has proved me to be correct. Most people (men and women) are afraid of commitment. Because commitment entails sacrifice. And what is someone willing to sacrifice for someone else? We can fake like we are willing to make that sacrifice. which is what I see most people do. They most likely do such things because they are afraid to be alone or fear some loneliness in there old age. But I can say without a doubt that I have no fear of being lonely . I know that I never will be lonely as long as I stay true and honest and open to all.

"Have your cake and eat it too". Its a very over-used saying that most people get away with doing. as long as we are afraid ...there will be someone to take advantage of that fear.

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  1. Good opinion...If everyone were more open and honest in everyday life, not only relationships, the world would be a much better place for all...Good view Vince...